The management of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Ltd on Saturday, May 26, 2018 signed agreement with Bilal Holdings as one of the EPC Contractors for the development of the Outside Fence Road Infrastructure which are Critical Access to the Enyimba Economic City.

Bilal is registered under the United Arab Emirate with the Mandate of EPC Contracting.

The terms of the agreement are however subject to the Consortium Agreement signed in furtherance of project. Parties to the Consortium Agreement are Group Five, Bilal, EECD-RI with African Finance Cooperation (AFC) also indicating interest to join

Mr Bineet Sarang, the managing Director of Bilal Holding who signed on behalf of the company expresses his delight while stating that Bilal has experience working in Nigeria as they have on-going projects in Kano. Mr C Darl Uzu signed on behalf of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited (EECD).