On the invitation of Shandong Ruyi Group, the management of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited visited the Headquarters of Shandong Ruyi Group in Jining China on June 20, 2018 for a factory tour of Ruyi facilities.


Speaking during the factory tour, Mr Liming Sun the President of Ruyi Group said that Ruyi Group is a conglomerate with integrated industry chain, owning various proprietary patents in China and best-in-class technology. It ranks first among China Top 500 Textile & Garment Enterprises and is a Top 100 Chinese multinational company. It also owns an A-share listed company in China and a company listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.

He also mentioned that Ruyi Group has acquired top European and American brands some of which includes but no limited to Ensuite, Lestera, Durban, Maje, Sandro.

He stated that the company have concluded plan for a $2,000,000,000.00 investment in Enyimba Economic City while adding that the purpose of the tour is to help all develop the pictorial view of what they are planning to recreate in Enyimba Economic City.

Mr C Darl Uzu thanked Ruyi Group for the tour while expressing his believe that Ruyi is a worthwhile partner in Enyimba Economic City.


A delegation from Ruyi Group and the management of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited Aba IPP a facility of Geometric Power on a fact-finding mission.

Speaking during the visit, Mr Liming Sun the president of Ruyi Group stated that the availability of Power is very important in the investment decisions of Ruyi Group.

Prof Barth Nnaji, the Managing Director of Geometric Power who are strategic partners with Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited on power stated that the Aba Integrated Power Project have 141MW completed power generation asset plus 47MW additional installation as well as 27 km dedicated gas pipeline infrastructure.

Prof Barth advised that as part of their partnership with Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited, 2 feeders of 41MW each have been reserved for the first movers into the Economic City.

Speaking further, Prof Nnaji stated that Geometric Power has invested in over 140 kilometers of 33 kV /11 kV lines with fiber optic cable lines strung on the OHL poles for large data transmission and that the license for the facility covers the supply of Aba and its surrounding environment which consists of 9 local government out of the 17 in Abia State out of which Enyimba Economic City spans across 3 of the 9 local government areas.

The chairman of Geometric Power also said that the company has a current license to develop 1080MW of power plant in Oma adjoining the Enyimba Economic City in 2 phases of 540MW each.

Prof Barth pointed out that the supply to the South-East is currently less than 300MW which is a confirmation of the importance of their facilities to the South East.

Mr C Darl Uzu the Managing Director of Enyimba Economic City affirmed that with Geometric Power, he considers the Power Deal done while the plan for the first phase of development of the city is to build a 15km road network, an administrative office, a community center, a 50-room hotel and security surveillance facilities which is planned to commence in the first quarter of 2019.

Abia State Acting Governor, Ude Oko Chukwu, in his remark said that the state would partner Geometric Power Ltd, Enyimba Economic City Management and Ruyi Holding of China by offering every necessary support.

He told the Chinese investors that the state was profitable and safe to invest in, adding that the project would provide employment and business opportunities for the people.

President of Ruyi Group, Mr. Liming Sun, said the company has plans to invest a minimum amount of $2 billion in their factory project which will be sited in the Economic City.





Meeting of the Advisory Board of Enyimba Economic City held in Lagos on Thursday April 12, 2018.

In attendance were Dr Pascal Dozie, Mr C Darl Uzu, Prof Bart Nnaji, Sen. Adolphus Wabara, Paul C. Ananaba SAN, Prof. Anya O. Anya amongst others.


The management of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited (EECD) met with African Development Bank Group (ADB) on March 20, 2018 at ADB office in Abuja to discuss area of possible collaboration in the development of Enyimba Economic City.

C Darl Uzu, the Managing Director of EECD in giving an overview of Enyimba Economic City described it as a regional integrative project on approximately 9803 Hectares comprising four Industrial Parks, Logistics / Inland ports, Trailer Parks, Wholesale Market, Entertainment, Medical, Education, Airport and Life style residential cities created to leverage on the opportunities Nigeria offers to bring about job creation and regional development through industrialization.

The EECD project is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) under the Made in Nigeria for Export (MINE) programme of Federal Government of Nigeria.  It is developed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of a successful entrepreneurial company represented by Crown Realties Plc, Abia State Government and Federal Government of Nigeria, with private sector providing leadership.


Mr Emmanuel Akinwumi a Private Sector Specialist in African Development Bank Group noted that the project is an interesting one which ADB will like to be associated with while requesting for time review the feasibility report further so as they fully understand where they can come in.


Having identified the need to close the gap in the Industrial skill requirements that the Enyimba Economic City will generate, the Management of Enyimba Economic City Development Company Limited (EECD) visited the Institute of Technical Education Singapore (ITE) Singapore in Singapore on Thursday February 13, 2018 to discuss possible partnership in developing a skill and vocational training curriculum for Enyimba Innovation and Vocational Institute.

Gary Soh the Head of Business Development of ITE welcomed the EECD team and gave a brief history of Institute of Technical Education Singapore (ITE) while noting that Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is an important pillar of Singapore Education designed to teach the students the skill to pull their family out of poverty in one generation.

He said that ITE initially started with training to support Labour Intensive Manufacturing which is where Enyimba Economic City is today, but the curriculum has evolved over time to high value industry such as aviation support and services, IT, Robotics.

He also said that the school have recorded huge success because they have moved beyond results towards understanding the mindset of the young person and have adopted their curriculum to suit the young mind.

Mr C Darl Uzu, the Managing Director of EECD expressed delight at the success story of ITE and both parties agreed to develop a Memorandum of Understanding so as to identify the requirements and responsibilities of EECD and ITE. This will help in the development of the curriculum of Enyimba Innovation and Vocational Institute which will create the right skill set to support manufacturing in the Enyimba Economic City.