Domestic Catchment

There is an immediate local catchment population of 60 Million people out of which over 36 million are below 25 years. There is a further national catchment population of 200 Million people out of which over 120 million are below 25 years.

Favourable Demography

  • Employable population of Nigeria, within the age group (15 – 64) – accounting for 55% of the total population → significant source of existing manpower for the country
  • Younger population, currently under educated – expected to enter manpower pool in the future, also account for almost 42% of total population
  • With approximately 193 Mn people, Nigeria accounts for approximately half of West Africa’s population
  • Approximately 42% of the existing population currently in the age group of 0 – 14 years ~ expected to provide healthy manpower pool in the future as well (medium to long term horizon)
  • Only 3% of the total population currently in age group of 64 years & above ~ primarily due to the lower average life expectancy of the country → need of better quality healthcare facilities

Regional Catchment

Within a flight distance of 90 minutes, there is a regional catchment population within West African region of over 300 Million people out which over 180 Million are below 25 years.