• Manufacturing Transfers: Companies that will require ideal location for manufacturing for local market and export in Nigeria.
  • Co – Developer: A company that may wish to invest in EECD as equity investor.
  • Financiers: That have appetite for new city development/urban infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Investors/Operators: External fence infrastructure of rail and roads.



About 8km rail to connect the  Onne Port to the Inland Port in Enyimba Economic City which will operate as a regional logistics hub


About 96 km 6 lane interstate roads connecting Akwa Ibom through Enyimba Economic City to Obinze in Imo State to be tolled. The traffic studies have been completed and the Outline Business Case (OBC) is in the works.

Sub Driver Joint Venture Investment with EECD and other parties’ in

I.           Logistics

II.         Medical </span

III.        Entertainment

IV.         Education and Training