Project Profile

The project Enyimba Economic City which is being developed over an area of approximately 9,464 ha, spanning three (3) local government areas of Ukwa West and East as well as Ugwunagbo LGAs with an initial start-up phose of approximately 1,800 ha, the initial phase shall achieve the under listed:

  • Create on economic hub that is central to the nine (9) Southeast and Southsouth states, linked by rood access, roil, airports and seaports.
  • Aggregate different comparative foetor endowments at local level, state, regional and notional level that will transform the hub into a manufacturing power house, commercial and other destinations for the regions.
  • Target manufacturing capacity transfer from global markets especially from places where labour cost advantage is declining.
  • Energize and entice local industries that have suffered due to infrastructural deficit and operative environment to relocate to the new economic hub.

Alignment With National Economic Direction

The project is aligned with the economic direction of the country which includes the following:

  • Driving massive economic expansion in the regions and creating wealth.
  • Providing massive job employment for the teaming youths in the region and else where in the country.
  • Diversifying the economy from oil to manufacturing and services
  • Improving balance of trade by manufacturing goods for local consumption and export.
  • Earning foreign exchange through exports.